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Mi participación en #NETmundial

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Les comparto mi breve participación en el evento de #NETmundial que se llevó a cabo en Sao Paulo los días 23 y 24 de abril de 2014. Desafortunadamente no pude leer el texto completo porque de dos minutos que se tenían contemplados originalmente para cada participante, se redujo a tan sólo 30 segundos:

My name is Leon Felipe Sanchez a member of civil society speaking on my own personal capacity. I would like to comment on paragraphs 13 and 22.

With regards to paragraph 13 which currently reads as follows:


The ability to innovate and create has been at the heart of the remarkable growth of the Internet and it has brought great value to the global society. For the preservation of its dynamism, Internet governance must continue to allow permissionless innovation through an enabling Internet environment.

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